Storyboard – Millennial’s


So after posting this – I realize that the picture does not look that great due to the colored paper and pencil so I can re-do my terrible drawings ten times before giving up (tried to spice it up) but I will have my hard copy in class if need be. Millennial’s are seen as the most educated generation but the worst generation. How so? Well, in my storyboard I decided to show the “life” of a millennial. I am also not sure yet how long I want each video clip image to be… to be determined.

My opening clip is centered around an image of the globe with highlighted areas showing the 80-100 million millennial’s this world has to offer. The millennial’s are the most DIVERSE generation therefore I want to show that in the next seconds of the video. Then I would like to go into how millennials are self absorbed but are taught the “promote themselves” to get somewhere in this world. Followed by video clips of graduation, money and student loan debt, empty work desk because millennials are changing the work force and then becoming unemployed. For their generation, they have the highest unemployment rate even though they are the most educated.

Millennials seek to social media and networking because they believe sharing things socially is better when done in some form on online networking, building their network. With all of the technology (the most tech savy generation yet) they find it hard to have a life plan, they are too wrapped up in others lives and take things day by day, step by step. This leads to millennials having a very low rate of marriage because they are too preoccupied or too far in student loan debt to build a family or worry about someone else’s money issues.

Welcome to the world of the millennials – this is it. The path to somewhere or nowhere? That is the question. The thumbs up/thumbs down symbol represents social media “liking” but also symbolizes are the millennial’s a good thing or a bad thing. Who are they really? They are the most connected generation yet.

Audio Track: Green Day – Time of your Life

Let me know what you all think 🙂

– Katie Finnegan


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