Storyboard for Obesity Mash-up

This is the storyboard for my video mash-up on obesity and unhealthy foods in America. I have yet to find a good song to relate to the mash-up, but some I have to consider are Gluttony, UR What You Eat, and Gettin’ Hungry. My storyboard is lined out based upon specific YouTube videos I have found based on my topic. As more clips come along during the process of creating my mash-up, it is possible for this storyboard to change. As of now, this is how my mash-up will be laid out:


1) The first scene shown on my storyboard will include archival film footage from the 1950’s. This clip will show the average American family of that time period, and it will show the family eating dinner together. This clip will demonstrate the families eating habits, and how they are sitting at the table together as a family.

2)The second clip will show American meals from the 1950’s. The clips used to portray this message will emphasis the size of the former American dinner plate.

3) Next, the average American meal of today will be shown. These clips will also emphasis the fact the the plate size is much larger, as well as the portions of food. It will be notably noticeable for the viewers to then pick up the hidden message that is about to be reveled.

4) The next clip will show healthy American in the 1950’s outside. These people will have healthy looking figures to show that they are active and health conscious human beings.

5) Following the vintage clip, a clip of Americans today will be shown. This time, the clip will show Americans sitting on a couch eating junk food and watching TV or playing video games. This is to demonstrate the lazy and inactive lifestyles that Americans have picked up in the world today.

6) A montage of scenes will play next. These scenes will include processed food terminology, and they will also show health educators such as Dr. OZ speaking about things such as GMOS, preservatives, and pesticides.

7) Clips of highly processed foods will play next, showing footage of fast food, and foods with a number of chemically induced ingredients.

8) After unhealthy food is displayed, healthy food clips will then be shown. These foods will include anything that is naturally from the earth like organic fruits, and other health foods that come from nutritional places like Trader Joe’s.

9) Fast food commercials that are shown on TV today will be played next. Commercials such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s promote unhealthy foods. This is an important concept in my mash-up.

10) Clips of processed snack food will then be shown in the factory. This food will be shown as it is being made. This will give a greater effect to the viewer on what may actually be put into these unhealthy foods.

11) Following the factory scenes, pounds of body weight will be shown, as well as obese people living in the world today compared to starving people in the world today. People will also be shown in countries that do not eat the way Americans do.

12) Lastly, a montage of 1950’s Americans and 2000’s Americans will be shown to display the comparison between the two.


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