Storyboard – Eating Disorders

Background track will be Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Clip 1: 8 seconds. This is the introduction and the first clip the audience will see of my mash-up. It will be a clip of runway models that we see on television, and a little girl watching it with bright eyes.

Clip 2: 4 seconds. The next clip will be of a girl reading a magazine. Today’s magazines have a big influence on body image. On almost every tabloid we see, “Best new diet! Lose 20 pounds in 2 days!” or “Not happy? Try this great diet!”

Clip 3: 10 seconds. This will show girls looking in the mirror, worried and not happy about the way they look. They will be holding their stomachs in, and finding ways to make them look different so they are happy with themselves.

Clip 4: 3 seconds. This quick clip will show a girl taking the measurements of her stomach.

Clip 5: 4 seconds. This clip will show a girl playing with her food, unsure if she should eat it or not.

Clip 6: 4 seconds: The girl starts to eat her dinner, and an empty plate appears in the sink.

Clip 7: 5 seconds. This clip will show a girl going into the bathroom, trying to make herself throw up the dinner she just ate.


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