Storyboard- Domestic Abuse Mash-up

Still trying to think of a good title for my video.


Clip One: 8 seconds. The beginning of the song “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be playing where there are no lyrics. This is so the viewer will be able to hear what the man has to say. It is a slow introduction to the topic of domestic violence, without coming straight out and saying it. This is showing a video of former NFL player, Joe Ehrmann saying, “I think it this is an opportunity for every man…” This is introducing the topic by having the viewer’s wonder exactly what he is talking about.

Clip Two: 3 seconds. In this clip it is showing an older man punching a scared woman directly in the face while saying F*** you. This is going to be a reoccurring clip throughout the video to show how scared a victim usually is of the abuser. Also, it is to introduce the topic of the mashup in a more clear view, after a vague introduction. This ties into the first clip of the video; however, because Ehrmann is telling every man to stop and think for a minute, so the short clip will shock viewers into taking a moment to think about what is going on.

Clip Three: 6 seconds. The next clip is an old video of an atomic bomb going off. This is to show that things can blow quickly out of proportion. It also ties into the song playing in the background, because this is where the lyrics start coming into the song, and it is a more upbeat pace. Also, the upbeat pace of the song going along with what is happening in the mash-up, because in an abusive relationship things can move so quickly, and blow out of proportion, which is why victims aren’t always able to keep up or know what to do in a situation.

Clip Four: 3 seconds: The second clip will be a sliding image of the Disney princess, Cinderella with a beaten up face, and underneath of the picture it says, “When did he stop treating you like a princess?” This is a new campaign using all the Disney characters, princesses and prince’s, to show a not-so happy ending. Using such popular characters allows victims to relate to something, and potentially give them the courage to stand up for themselves and put a stop to the domestic violence. This clip shows juxtaposition, because it ties into the previous slide, where things blow out of proportion quickly, so victims cannot always recall when their abuser stopped treating them with the respect they deserve.

Clip Five: 4 seconds. At this point it is a silent black and white clip of a woman that looks as if she has gone totally insane. This clip is to show what people can become they are either a victim for too long, or at all. Also, it can show how an abuser is viewed from their victim’s point of view. The insane woman is meant to freak out the people viewing the video, in order to get a sense of how a victim of abuse feels.

Clip Six: 3 seconds. In this clip it goes back to the video in which the woman has been punched by the older man. This is a shorter part of the video, in which the man is coming to stand over his victim and calling her a little chicken s***. The point of having this clip here is to lead into the following video, where a woman is covering up bruises on her face.

Clip Seven: 2 seconds. This part of the video is important, because it shows that women try to cover up their bruises from the abuse. Many victims are scared to confront their abuser, or tell anyone else about the abuse to get help. At this point in the song in the background it talks about a woman using makeup to cover up in the mirror. By putting this clip at this point in the mash-up it shows juxtaposition, because it intertwines with the song playing.


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