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While scrolling though tweets looking for something to blog about I came across Randi’s tweet about an article she found on Zite.  In the article it talks about the very popular app called Snapchat.  Like many of you I know that Snapchat is a very popular app among middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students.  I just didn’t know how popular it was until i did some research.  According to Snapchat is the number 1 downloaded photo app by U.S. iPhone users.(shown in the chart below)

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.58.12 AM

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The app was so popular at in December Snapchat has a reportedly 30 million users and by April it had jumped to 70 million users.  This means that the app is pulling in an average of 10 million new users a month.  And that’s not all, according to Wikipedia users are sending roughly 700 million photos and videos daily and Snapchat stories were being viewed 500 million times daily.  With the mass amount of photos going around on this app users on Snapchat were told that when they used this app their photos would disappear after the 1-10 seconds of your choosing.  Well this is not entirely true.

According to WCVB a Boston based news channel Snapchat is not as private as it claims to be.  In the article Snapchat isn’t Private. Period. a website called claims to have hacked into one of the third party photo saving apps(SaveSnap, SnapBox, and SnapSpy); The website is said to of stolen 100,000 images.  The stolen photos have yet to be published but are said to be this weekend.  On top of the photos being stolen many of them are of child pornography.  Because this is such a popular app with 13-17 year olds this causes a problem because they are underage.  Because users believe that the pictures they are sending on Snapchat disappear forever after the time expires they are more likely to send risky pictures they would normally not send through text.  This brings in another issue of the screen shot feature on phones.

As many iPhone users know by holding down the lock button on the top of the phone and the home button on the front of the phone, you can take a screen shot of what ever is on your screen at the moment.  This comes into play in Snapchap because receivers of a Snapchat can save the photo and post it where ever they want.  Making it easy to capture a picture that was sent to you privately and post it to the whole world.

I have screen shotted pictures that my friends send me but not to cause harm.  For example when I went on vacation my sister sent this.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 3.41.46 PM

Then there is this type of screen shot, but in my group of friends if you send a picture like this you are risking a screen shot.


This is a perfect example of thinking before sending.  In todays age of technology there are a few questions you should ask yourself before sending something:

  • Do I want everyone to see this?
  • Who will see this?
  • Can I trust who I am sending this to?

15 thoughts on “Sender Beware

  1. Interesting post! I always wondered about snapchat. I have it and snap constantly still, but also, there is the problem of screenshotting. My friends and I send those ugly snaps and there’s always screenshotting and then the next thing you know that image that was just sent to only one or two people is now on facebook or twitter. I think people should be aware like you said on not only who are they sending, but what they are sending. It’s really important that you watch that or else your images could be out to the world!


  2. This social media age is so shady, I refuse to believe this is the way to really go in the future. There is just too many holes to be exploited in these sites and apps. I’ve read about the tracking that happens online and its scary. Think about it, every single thing ever searched daily is stored on google for stat purposes. Facebook tailors what you see to what you like on the feeds. These sites know you better than you do and no amount of one’s and zero’s will keep it all private. “Private” will be a idealized term before we know it.


    • That’s a scary thought. I am kind of terrified the direction we are taking to go into the future. A lot of people do not even think twice about posting ridiculous pictures on social media thinking the ‘Private’ settings will protect them. It makes you wonder how ‘Private’ our lives actually are in this day and age.


  3. This is an interesting post. I never personally used SnapChat but I hear about it all of the time. It seems just like any other social media app. I don’t think those putting out these snap chat videos intend for them to be too private. After all, it is a image hosting app. The excitement of snapchat is that the video magically ‘disappears’ after. I personally don’t think anyone should be so naive as to think others don’t screen shot their images. If you post something out there for others to see, you should be cautious. It is your choice and you have to pay the consequences.


  4. I definitely thought that this article would be an interesting post. I liked your post because you brought up three very important questions that people often do not ask or fail to believe the truth. Everyone is at risk of being hacked at any moment. No one has their guard up anymore, when in fact, now is the most important time. From credit cards to Snapchats, everyone is being hacked and they have several consequences, not just one. Like you brought up, those hacked Snapchats don’t hold just the problem of being released, but the problem of child pornography. And as much as we don’t want to believe it, we know that this will be a huge problem with these released photos. I think that parents need to be doing a better job keeping an eye on what their under aged children are doing and how they are using technology, because more often than not, they aren’t using it safely.


  5. As a Snapchat user, this post made me realize I should be more careful about what I send to my friends or put on My Story. Literally, anything you send can be screenshotted in an instant. There are two new Snapchat accounts going around rowan, rowansnaps and yikyakrowan, where basically anyone can send anything they want and the holder of the account puts it into their My Story. Someone can have a picture taken of them walking around campus without even knowing, and it could end up on Snapchat. Some of the things seen are extremely vulgar and an invasion of privacy. We all need to be more careful about what we send.


  6. Information like this is so important for everyone to read. I feel as though most people are age are ignorant to a lot of the facts when it comes to social media. Privacy and SOCIAL media has a very blurred line, and in my opinion it is practically impossible to have complete privacy online, but especially on snapchat. Too many people upload images without thinking of the serious consequences that can go with them, so I like how you added three questions to ask yourself before uploading any type of images. I will admit that I too am a snapchat user, but I am also extremely aware of what I’m putting on this app before I actually use it.


  7. I think it’s funny that people are surprised that Snapchat isn’t private. I mean was I the only one who was taught that everything you post stays out in cyber space forever? For a while I thought people were just trying to keep us from sending risky pictures over the internet or texting but I have read various articles about people being denied jobs or even fired or suspended do to a simple google search. As technology advances we need to be smarter about what we are posting. People especially underage children are losing their innocence because they arent thinking before sending. If my child EVER send any inappropriate picture and it surfaced I can only imagine how humiliated we all would be. I think twice about what I send anywhere, because you never know when a Snap could cost you your dream job.


  8. I have never really gotten into the snap-chat fad. I had the application on my phone for roughly two weeks before deleting it. It seemed boring and pointless to simply send pictures to my friends when I could ultimately call or text them if we needed to talk. Do not get me wrong, I thought some of the pictures hilarious but it seemed like a waste of time.
    I also like how you incorporate how although there are claims that a product is private it may not be. I have younger siblings and have mentioned to them time and time again that no matter how many times something claims to be private it is most likely not. Once something is sent from your phone or in some cases even saved to your phone on an invisible cloud, there is no telling where it may end up. It really makes you think twice about what you send and what applications are actually as safe as they say they are. I for one have moved on from my two week snap-chat fad and will not return.


  9. Unlike most people our age, I DO NOT have snap chat. Granted, I have every other social network (facebook, twitter x2, and instagram) but I refuse to get snap chat. I always claim “why do I need pointless pictures of people during the day while I am trying to live my life and why do they need pictures of me.” Look on instagram if you want to see what I am up too. I do think it is shady, knowing everyone of my friends has snap chat, when they claim it will be gone within such and such seconds and no one can save it, I laugh. Nothing is every totally “gone” or “deleted” especially in our world today with such technology. It should make people rethink what they are sending, and who they are sending it too. The awful break up or friendship ending may not end well for you if you have sent something you now regret. The whole social media world is creepy and strange. We screenshot messages and pictures and send them to our friends to gossip and start other conversations. That pictures originally sent between two people is now being shared with how many people? You will never know. But first… let me take a selfie!


  10. As an avid user of Snapchat, I realize how popular it is because of how many friends I have on it. I honestly cannot believe though that there are 10 million new users a month. The number is mind blowing to me, and something that is hard to wrap my head around. It is such a simple and basic app, but clearly people LOVE it. “Thinking before sending” is one of the biggest things that I don’t think people do. I’m pretty sure that in the beginning of the apps debut, you couldn’t snapshot, but now you can. Total privacy is definitely gone.


  11. I completely agree that Snapchat is dangerous for certain people to use! Especially some of the pictures people send! I know for a fact I’ve sent plenty of pictures to friends that I wouldn’t be to proud of if my mom somehow got a hold of them. And I’m not a super private person, I’m not planning on being a cop or working at an elementary school, so I’m not too worried about peoples’ opinions of me, but many of the kids who take these pictures and are proven to have done so could be in quite a lot of trouble when they decide to get into the working world.


  12. In this age we have to remember that anything shared on the internet in any form will never be gone forever, there will always be some way to find it. Anyone can see anything that is shared online, that is one of the scary things about all the new advances, where did our privacy go?


  13. That is crazy that they have been stealing photos off people’s nap chat. This has to deal with all of those lines of copyright that we went over in class. This is just unethical. I send funny snap chats like the second picture to all my friends. The great thing that snapchat does do is they allow you to see who screenshots your photos. This way, if someone does screenshot your snap chat, you can text them or ask them why they did that, and confront them to make sure that it does not go on any social media website if that was not your intention. Snap chatting is not as private as we think, and thank your for writing this blog so we call all be aware.


  14. Interesting post! I actually use snapchat alot but I am very careful about who follows me on there because even though people could screenshot from anything on instagram people are extra creeps on snapchat.


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