Party in the USA?


This is the first 21 seconds of my mashup.  My mashup explores the idea of consumerism in America and the large economic gap between the rich and the poor.  The first clip will be a vintage commerical, giving us an idea of where this all started.  The second clip will be a clip from a modern reality show (Keeping up with the Kardashians) to show just how different consumerism is today.  The third clip will be people in line on black Friday, which will be followed with homeless in line for a food shelter.  This is to show how people are in line to spend money on things they don’t need, while people are in line to get free food just to survive.  This will cut out and go to the fifth clip of the people in line on black Friday stampeding and running someone over.  This video will have the shock factor in showing just how materialistic our society is and to what lengths we will go to pay money for something we do not even need.  The sixth clip will be a mansion from the MTV show, ‘Cribs’, followed by a house being foreclosed.  This will show the difference between someone who has so many rooms they will never step foot into them all, with a family who does not even have a place to live.  The eighth clip will be the homeless on the streets of the city to show the lack of shelter and clothes and cleanliness.  The ninth will be models on the runway of a Fashion show.  The importance of this clip is to show that they girls are selling themselves, and the expensive designer clothes on their back, to people who do not even need more clothes.

In my first 21 seconds I hope to start out my video strong.  I will present the income inequality in America through videos that will paint the picture better than any statistic would.  The clips I have chosen, coupled with my song, “Party in the USA”, will introduce the idea that while some in America, are living the dream, some are living a nightmare.


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