Happily Never After?

When I came across a post from Bill Wolff about Disney Princes, I thought that I should take a moment to watch it considering it seemed somewhat humorous. When I clicked on the link I was brought to an unfamiliar website called Kotaku.com.

bill wolff post

Obtained from Twitter.com

I then found the video titled Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People by BuzzFeedVideo. When I first heard this title I personally thought that this video would have focused on the princes committing crimes. However after watching this video I see that my interpretation of this title was completely wrong.

 I am sure most of you got a good chuckle at Disney scenes being transformed from an animation to real life. I however was fascinated by the amount of topics up for interpretation in this video. Take a minute and think back to the title of this video. Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People. Now my interpretation was more than likely much different then that of my readers. It was my interpretation of the title alone that set the tone of this remix for me, so in turn I had to start over and watch this video again. While watching it the second time I noticed that this entire remix/parody is someone’s interpretation on what Disney Princes would be like in reality.


Do not get me wrong, I have been in love with all things Disney for as long as I can remember. When I was little I thought it would be amazing to have a guy like in the movies. Someone who would fawn over me and treat me like, not to sound cliché, a princess. However, this remix/parody, as well as becoming an adult has made me change my mind. Honestly have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to have someone stop mid sentence and begin singing a beautiful melody, as others join in, singing and dancing all around you?

Personally my thoughts on this are that maybe the princes themselves have their own interpretation on how they feel a lady or “princess” should be treated; that’s why they go above and beyond for them. At the same time their interpretation on how others fawn over them makes them so self-centered. In Prince Charming’s case, it amazes me that he has not fallen over due to the weight of his big head.

The video above titled If Disney Princes Went to College, by LeendaDProductions shows another interpretation of Disney Princes. In watching it I found similar characteristics that I found in the previous remix. For example, in my opinion, “Prince Charming” seems to be obsessed with his looks. What I find truly comical is that in both of these videos it seems that the creators view the princes as self-centered.

I feel that overall, there are so many different interpretations on Disney Princes and how they would act in the real world. Some of them may be that they are as perfect as they are portrayed in the movies while others will have those that are similar to these interpretations.


11 thoughts on “Happily Never After?

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I think you make some really good points. Being a typical girl myself, I too have lived a life full of princesses and prince charming. That is, in my dreams. Of course, as a child I admired all of these movies and looked up these princesses as role models. They all had a happily ever after ending and I think that is the most exciting part to all of us.

    I like that you added the “Princess Goes to College” video. I like this video and think it gives a shift in perspective. In today’s society, it seems as if these princesses are transforming. They are more daring and independent. They don’t really need prince Charming. I think it is important to teach young girls the reality of life. Of course, there are no perfect endings or fairytales. I think being able to understand this makes life a little more tolerable.


  2. I loved this article.The videos had me laughing to the point it hurt. The interesting part is the difference between reality and fantasy. In the Disney Movies the Princes are these men who sweep the girl off their feet with romantic or heroic actions. Yet, if done in reality it would seem a bit creepy. Take for example, the Prince posting on facebook about Cinderella’s shoe. How many people would find that romantic if not creepy?

    That’s how it goes with dreams and reality. It’s sad, but true. The worst part is when you make your dream come true you can never have the dream again. That’s why I think it is better to go for an impossible fantasy or dream. It gives you something to always aim for.


  3. Since basically the beginning of this class I have loved watching the remix videos that people have found, because majority of the time they are extremely entertaining. I did not realize how much media sometimes relies on “remixes” to entertain and to inform society. While some might say originality is dead, it clearly isn’t, because so many people, despite the fact that they are taking what once was, are creating such inventive new twists with completely different meanings. Also, as you mentioned, remixes can be interpreted in so many ways which just adds on to the creativeness of the viewers as well as the creators.


  4. Agreed with the above comment! We are still being an innovative people by taking old ideas and putting a new twist on it, or at least vocalizing it in a vlog like format.
    I enjoyed this post because of the modern-ness of each prince (Naveen singing “Flawless” cracked me up). And the fact that these guys really just focused on outward appearance and not personality.
    I think Disney is trying to change that with more headstrong heroines and having the princes take their time falling in love.
    Thank God this was brought to light in the media.


  5. I love this article, as I see most of the people commenting do as well. Like many girls, Disney is amazing and I still think that now knowing everything I do. The movies are creative and always remain classics. As for the real Disney Princes, I think it is hilarious to think about. Growing up, many girls want the traditional fairy tale seen in movies and that special prince charming to treat them like their princess. But honestly, that is not reality especially in our world today where most guys won’t watch a Disney movie to even understand what a “prince charming” is. Going off of a comment above, replacing the princes in the movies with real life people is a bit creepy if you think long enough about it. The real life version of the princes change the perspective of what Disney was aiming at when you translate them from fantasy to reality. I am curious to see what Disney has in store for future movies being as they are developing movies without the main focus of falling in love and finding prince charming.


  6. This is a very interesting blog post that can go so many ways! I really enjoyed watching the videos about the Disney Princes. But it lead me to think about our class discussion that nothing is original. That everything takes ideas from previous ideas and forms of art, which is what these two videos did. They took the ideas of Princes and put a twist on the way they would present it.
    It also lead me to think about a person’s own perception about a video. The first video is called, “Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People” but from my perception it can easily be titled “Real life Disney Princesses wouldn’t take the Princes Shit”. In some of the cases it is hard to see how the Princes are being bad people but you do see how every Princesses doesn’t take their shit! For example, Prince Charming isn’t doing anything specifically horrible but you do see the girl not buying it.


  7. I completely agree with your initial though that the post was going to have the Disney Princes be horrible people, but I was delighted that it simply made fun of the strangeness of their characters. Disney movies seem to be very over the top, which is a helpful effect for children because it helps them to see what “good” is and what “bad” is. But this is a case where the effect is not so good. There are no Prince Charmings and from this we can all see that no one would want one anyway. As for how someone would feel if a person just broke out into song in the real world, I think Disney may have hit that on the head as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRYU4cqUAUs


  8. I enjoyed this post as I am an everything Disney kid. It also shows that everything can be a remix and modified in a way to make it something else. We work so hard to be original but the truth is that we are not someone held up in a doorless windowless home with no outside connection, no social media, no internet, no phones, no TV no anything to make any outside contact with anyone or anything, that is the only way that anything can be original.


  9. It is true that “Everything is a Remix” and nothing is original anymore. All of these fairytales were based off an already existing story. Now they are being turned into parodies like the ones you used above.These videos are using existing characters and putting their own spin and viewpoint to create a slightly different story and make people laugh.


  10. As the hopeless romantic that I am, I really enjoyed this blog post. The first video really made me laugh because I never thought about it before. In the movies, everything that the Prince does seems so romantic, but If a guy took me on a date and broke out in song I would be totally weirded out. It also really made me wonder why in sleeping beauty, he was trying to kiss someone who he thought was dead. This post relates back to the idea of intertexuality. This is because if someone had never seen any of these Disney movies, the first video would not be humorous or make any sense at all to them. I also loved how you added in the college video, because it could really relate to everyone reading your post.


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