Football and the Law

Here is my vision for my video. To start the video i will show the sunlight shining down on a stadium followed by the three jets that fly over the field during the national anthem. Next I will show some teams coming out of the tunnel being cheered by thousands of fans.Than i will change the screen to a reddish color with a player charged with a crime in the picture showing anger. After that I will than show videos of cop cars with their sirens blaring and lights going crazy. Than I will show the power of the news and how it interprets the laws when it comes to players. I will show this by having a video clip of an actual anchor breaking the news. Afterwards I will show the differences between a NFL superstar breaking the law and a regular person breaking the law. The NFL player just has to make a public apology and he is the apple of every fan’s eye once again. While the regular person gets arrested, held without bail and sentenced to jail by a judge, even if he publicly apologizes. I am still unsure of what song I want to do for the video. I am leaning towards Bob Marley’s Bad Boys, but I feel that is kind of cheesy. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t want to use an upbeat song but a mellow song that really brings in the message of the video.



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