Fan Culture Mash-Up StoryBoard


For my video mash-up, I have decided to change my focus to fan culture and how it has become a global phenomenon. I have had personal experience with this growing phenomenon through my relationship with my boyfriend, who is an avid Comic Con goer.

In order to show how this has grown, I have decided to show instances where people of all ages have taken part of this fan culture. For my first few slides, I will show a young child reading Superman comics, going to sleep in a room covered in Superman paraphernalia, and then going to New York Comic Con. From there, I want to show a teenager playing the game Slenderman, writing letters like Slenderman does in the game, and then going to the Toronto Comic Con. Next, I want to have adult males (possibly brothers) watching the show Supernatural, shopping for their outfits for Comic Con, then then going with their friends to Hong Kong Comic Con. Lastly, I want to show a clip from  the actual show Supernatural where the main characters Sam and Dean run into a fan convention. It is here where they find out that there were actually people who role played as them on a regular basis.


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