Consumerism Crisis

photo (1)

For my video mash-up I have chosen the topic of consumerism. I plan to show the juxtaposition between this name brand crisis and those less fortunate (i.e. homeless people, Third World countries). To start my mash-up I’d like to implement the use of an audio clip introducing “A word from our sponsors…” and a vintage commercial. From there, Shop Around by Captain and Tennille will begin and clips of people shopping will be shown. Following that, I plan to show clips from Fashion Week and models walking on the runway in designer clothes. Afterwards, a clip from the Apple iPhone commercial will be used to show the technology side of consumerism. The first hint of juxtaposition will then follow with a clip of homeless people. I plan to build up to more and more clips of the less fortunate to build up to the meaning of the mash-up.

Next, a jewelry commercial will follow to introduce our materialistic views. Then I plan to show money, followed by Black Friday shoppers or people simply camping out for new releases. If I find people camping out, this will help to show the disgusting comparison between those who camp out to buy things and those who camp out and are homeless because they have no other choice. Following this shopping clip, I plan to show video of those suffering in Third World countries. These people lack fresh water and food while being neglected by their government. Clearly they cannot contribute to the nasty crisis of consumerism, however, they are definitely affected by it. The last few scenes will include Starbucks ads, designer bags, and car commercials. All of which have become a huge part of today’s society and expected of others to have. Unfortunately, consumerism is pretty much the idea of “keeping up with the Joneses.”


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