Alone: Mashup Story Board


I start my mashup off by showing kids playing in a school yard, having fun and everyone together.  I then moved to a student sitting alone looking upset.  I am doing this to show the contrast between students being together and what it’s like to be isolated.  For my next clip I will have the word alone pop up for just a second or two.  Then i will move to a clip of a student being bullied.  Then show a student walking alone, to reinforce the alone feeling I am trying to get across.  I will then replay the clip of the student sitting alone.  My next clip will be of a building collapsing to show viewers the destruction bullying causes.  The next clip is the word scared to reinforce the feelings the person being bullied feels.  The last two clips are just 2 of the clips in a montage I will be doing of students being bullied.

My story board is about 26 seconds long

My sound track will be a poem by Azure Antoinette “953K – Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying


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