Stigma of Pitbulls

My mashup will be on a branch of animal abuse that most people do not even realize is abuse. Most of the world views pitbulls as a very aggressive, violent, and dangerous breed of dogs. Of course we have all see the videos and new reports of people being attacked by pitbulls but that is all one sided. Pitbulls are a very loving breed of dogs that are great with children. Pitbulls can be rehabilitated from dogs that have been trained to fight to ones that only want love and affection. But society has branded them a bad breed so many of them sit in shelters for years and or end up being euthanized because no one wants a pitbull because of the stigma on the breed.


Blinx doggies This is Blinx, Sadie, Sienna and Beau. My friends 4 rehabilitated pitbulls.madisondave


And this is Madison and David,my friends two young children.   


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