Rolling With The Punches – Mashup Storyboard


Here is the storyboard for the first 28 seconds of my mashup video (roughly). My idea is centralized around the issue of increasing domestic violence within the NFL. The audio track that will be used is “Love The Way You Lie (Part II)” by Rihanna feat. Eminem. This is a breakdown of each clip:

Clip 1/2: These clips are of former Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator, knocking her out cold. It’s about seven seconds long, and is being used to show the reality of how dangerous this growing issue is. This clip really means that the players in the league are not following the minimal amount of rules they have, and not many standards are being set to counter these horrible actions.

Clip 3: This is from a domestic violence PSA I found, and shows a young woman sitting on the floor around kitchen furniture that has been flipped on it’s side. The four second long clip will be used to show the overall outcome of how domestic violence affects the victims. There is juxtaposition between clips 1/2 and this one. In the first two, Ray Rice’s wife is shown as fearless (not backing down), while this clip shows a woman who is extremely scared, which is a huge contrast.

Clip 4: This is a repeat of the Ray Rice punch, but it’s in slow motion. I wanted to repeat in it slo-mo to emphasize the total effect, and it means that this kind of abuse doesn’t just move the victim; it also impacts the viewer. It’s four seconds in length, and shows the opposite juxtaposition that occurred between clips 1/2 and 3. From 3 to 4, it is now showing a scared young woman to a fearless wife.

Clip 5: It gets a little different here. This will be a short four second clip of a massive amount of smoke surrounding a launching rocketship. I wanted to use this as a metaphor for things getting worse (things ‘blew up,’ things ‘explode’ when they get bad). The meaning behind it is that this issue keeps getting worse and we keep hearing stories in the news about more NFL players getting in trouble for domestic violence. Instead of actually showing the issue with another real-life clip, I wanted to try and find something that could represent the situation instead.

Clip 6: This has a similar meaning to the clip before. It’s a second clip of a new blade being inserted into a razor. The two second vintage clip is used as a metaphor to represent false safety in the NFL. The commissioners act as if they think it’s an important and serious issue, but there’s no action being taken to prevent domestic violence from occurring. Razors are supposed to be safe to use, but you can still end up getting severely cut on one. It’s an important representation of how ‘safety’ in the NFL does not yet really exist in regards to domestic violence.

Clip 7: My final clip is of a former NFL wife speaking in a video conference with a news program. This will be five seconds long and be used to show how D.V. affects other people besides the player’s ‘punishment.’ It affects a multitude of people, but the victim will always be the #1 person who is negatively impacted.


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