Mashup Storyboard

This is the storyboard (draft) for my mashup.  I have listened to the song that I will be using (Black Eyed Peas-Where is the Love– Instrumental) quite a few times so that I can begin to start timing the music with the clips that I have.

My topic is animal cruelty, but it focuses on wild animals who are kept in captivity, like at the circus or at SeaWorld.  The purpose of my mashup is simple: Wild animals belong in the wild, and not held in captivity.  When these wild animals are held in captivity, they rebel and attack.

First, I want to show all the different animals running/swimming in the wild to show how happy they are when they are left in their natural environment.

Second, I want to show every day people, like you and me, at the circus or at SeaWorld.  I want to show them laughing, having a great time, and admiring the animals for all of their cool tricks and shows that they put on.

Third, I want to show the animals attacking trainers.  Places like the circus and SeaWorld make it seem like the animals love the trainers and always obey them, but that is NOT the case.  This is where I will show examples.

Fourth, I want to show a cartoon clip that I found that takes place at the circus.  It shows clips of training, and being afraid of the wild animals because the animals start to go after them.

Fifth, I want to show news clips of various animal trainers hurt and injured.

Sixth, I want to show animal protests.

After all of these things, I still have ROUGHLY 30 seconds left, so I have to figure out how I will wrap it all up!



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