Mash-Up Storyboard: Interracial Couple


Above is my mashup for the first thirty seconds of my video.

1. This clip is going to show a black and white couple happy and in love; oblivious to the world.
2. This clip is going to be static, as seen in the “Imagine” parody we watched, triggering the viewer to notice that something is off.
3. This clip cuts to another scene of an interracial couple, once again seemingly in love.
4. Once again,we cut to static to break away from the idea that interracial love is easy and understandable.
5. This is the court scene from “To Kill a Mockingbird” where Atticus is asking Tom Robinson questions of whether he raped a white girl.
6. White school girls walking, showing innocence.
7. Close up of Tom Robinson who looks confused and remorseful.
8. We break away into separation of black and whites through an art interpretation (still figuring out symbols and clips for this.)
9. Clip from “Hairspray” of all white dance hall.
10. Jump to clip of all black dance hall in “Hairspray”.
11. Images of caution tape arise to show warning of conflict.
12. Fight sequence of two boxers to symbolize racial conflict.
13. Clip of police force (all white) to put things back “in order of how they should be”.
14. Clip of Bernardo fighting with the Jets’ leader Riff from 1961 film adaption of “West Side Story”; again implementing conflict.
15. Tony spotting Maria for the first time in “West Side Story”, oblivious in love; juxtaposed to racial tension.

Each of these clips will be 2 seconds long (as of right now). Audio choices: I’m thinking Muse’s cover the Four Season’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”, a twist on a song of the era these tensions were high and the stigma was in full effect. If not another song from that area to juxtapose with the violent and tension based themes.


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