Feeling Debt – Storyboard


The first clip will show graduation caps flying up, and then the next clip will ideally be money falling down. This will show the juxtaposition that college costs money, and lots of it! Next I will show scenes of students walking around campus and students in front of their computers as if they are registering for classes. Then I will show a clip with a price tag and then a shocked face. I will add these because at first students don’t realize the amount of money it costs to go to college. Then I will show parents interacting with their kids and then show them walking away. I will show this because not all students have their college paid for by parents (like me). I will then show a clip of someone standing all alone; I envision the opening credits to the new show “Finding Carter.” Following this I will show a clip of a weight hitting the floor. Next I will show a price tag again. The last scene is something being built higher and higher. I imagine these clips will last two to three seconds each. They will be played to the song “Pressure” by Paramore.


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