We Are All Beatiful

In today’s society, millions of men and women struggle with body image issues every day. While this issue has been around for centuries, the concept of it has changed many times. If you take a look through history, you will see that the “perfect” body type has changed in multiple drastic ways. Unfortunately, each time the “ideal” image changes, people forget that not everyone will be able to reach that goal, and that it’s okay if they can’t. Instead, when people see others who do not live up to these expectations, they ridicule them. They judge them. And it’s time it stops.
When discussing the expectations for a perfect body, I’m not just talking about the issue that many people have with their weight; instead I want to include issues with acne, with wrinkles, with hair loss, etc. I also want to include all genders. All too often, these issues are considered to be for women only, and I think it is important for everyone to understand it affects men too. I think this is one of the main ways that this mash up is risky: most men do not want their insecurities talked about.
In order to show acceptance of different body types, I want to use the song “Try” by Colbie Callat. After watching the video for this song, I think I can also use clips for the music video. In addition to that, I plan to use clips from various documentaries about how people have seen and tried to change their own bodies. To make sure that I show how this issue is still around today, I plan to show clips from contemporary T.V. shows and movies. With this mash up, I hope to show acceptance of people’s differences.


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