The Hurt of the Haze

My mash up is going to focus on the issue of hazing, in association to the humiliation and scars that follow these horrendous situations. Hazing has always been an issue, however, until just recently our nation has had a blind eye to the topic. Now that people are taking notice to these situations, more and more victims are opening up about hazing that they have endured.

However, not many people understand what qualifies as hazing. I hope that through this mash up I can show people the true horror that can occur, and be considered as hazing. I will take risks by focusing in on harsh situations that others choose to turn their back on. Some of the images that I may choose to use are going to test not only myself but my viewers; many of them may be graphic. Also keep an eye out for clips from children’s television shows and cartoons that borderline if not completing embody hazing. I feel that many shows that are targeted towards younger children convey that it is ok to hurt someone, without intentionally knowing it may cause this child to perform the same actions they see on their Sunday morning shows. I will also be sporadically showing flashes of victims. How they are permanently scared and humiliated by the actions others have taken against them. I understand this is a big risk, but I wish to unlock the hidden secrets of hazing and its affects on our people.

Finally I plan on incorporating meaningful music that tells the story of the victims. Something that will make your heart ache for each and every one of them.


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