Swipe Right for Love

Love in 2014? Does it exist, or are we becoming infatuated with the hookup culture. Of course, people have been having simple hookups since the beginning of time, however; I believe it has become super popular in recent years, some disagree. While watching movies, I see love portrayed in the movies as something that will last forever, and it is romanticized. As some know, love is not always like it is in the movies. Is it possibly that this hookup culture was created due to the increasing immediate demand of technology? A booty call is not even a call anymore, but simple just a text, or maybe even a snap chat. Also, some argue that the idea of chivalry is dead. Instead of picking  girl up at the door, a boy may simply send an “I’m here” text.  This brings in the idea of technology.

Technology may or may not have destroyed the love that leads to marriage. This is quite depressing, since all the movies seen as a girl growing up produce this fairytale inside of a girl’s head. Now, love is found in text messages, and not at first glances. The immediate thought that pops into my head in terms of video for this mash up idea is catfish, Girl code, the notebook, P.S I love you, Are you The One, The Bachelor, and the movie friends with benefits. In terms of audio, some songs that may work are kiss me through the phone, hit me with a text, tale as old as time, going to the chapel, Stay with me, and one night stand. These two types of media will produce a sense of juxtaposition.

I am very passionate about this issue because love is not as easy to find as in the movies. Throughout this video, my personal view will be portrayed which serves as a risk for me due to the fact that not believing in the hookup culture feels like being the odd one out to me. Looking for love in college and real relationships outside of tinder, seem to be very rare. I can incorporate unexpected elements into this mash up by adding in kids’ shows, and how love is portrayed in them as well. I could also add in the use of interracial couples to play a role on the races as well. Love is complicated, but this mash up may clear some things up.


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