Rolling With The Punches

Within the past few months in particular, domestic violence within the National Football League has been overwhelming. After the Ray Rice situation (punching his wife and dragging her out of an elevator), it seemed as if multiple different events came to light. Many people have been scolding the league for it’s lack of discipline, and while these events are being investigated, it still seems as if this issue has been elevated.

For my mashup, I’d love to explore this issue and expand on some research through the use of different videos. I’d like to paint a picture displaying how intense this issue is and just how much these players are displaying domestic violence and abuse. What gives them the right? Why are they so aggressive and violent to their loved ones? Does the game of football have an impact on this? In order to show different scenarios, I am interested in using the actual Ray Rice elevator footage if possible, which is both brutal and sickening to watch. It will truly show how real this issue is in the NFL. As for the music, I’m not sure what song I play on using yet. I want something that’s heavy, to reflect the emotion and feeling surrounding this heart-wrenching topic.

The NFL does not seem to show much concern over this issue, and I’m hoping that this mashup video will highlight how important it is to take this seriously. Millions of people look up to these football players, and they are getting paid big bucks to play this game. The least they could do is maintain a good reputation and be respectful human beings if they are receiving this much money. My assignment will draw light to this and highlight key scenarios surrounding domestic violence and professional football.


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