Obesity & Food Quality in America

For my video mash-up I will be focusing on obesity in America. Not only will my mash-up touch upon obesity, but it will also mention a leading factor that majorly helps cause obesity. This factor is the quality of the food in America. Many foods that we eat now a days have a number of unknown chemicals and pesticides which cause people to obtain and retain weight. These chemicals are additives that are used mostly to prolong the shelf life of the product.

Diet coke is an example of an everyday food product that can make people retain weight. How you might ask? Although Diet Coke is shown to have zero calories, the chemicals that are used to make the soda are extremely dangerous, fat retaining, and even cancer causing. Many diet products in general carry the same problem in their ingredients.

America does not know what a clean eating diet consists of. We are eating products that has several ingredients listed on the back nutrition label that are all unknown to us. Yes, exercising plays a major role in weight loss, but America would not be so obese if the people were more conscious about what they eat. Fast food restaurants also play a toll in unhealthy eating habits that are common among Americans. From personal experience I can say that eating products with little ingredients listed that are all familiar and or natural helps the weight melt off.


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