My Mashup proposal: And the Silver Bracelets go to……..

The topic for my mashup is going to be about the crimes in NFL. Over the past year more and more NFL players are being arrested from either domestic abuse to drug possession. I am going to show you how that NFL players are held in a different light from the law. That the law doesn’t apply to them. Take for instance the Ray Rice scandal that popularized the world over the last month. There was a video that clearly shows he knocks out his fiancé and yet he is laughing about it and fans of his support him. I am hoping to find the videos of each player I am going to use when they were drafted and use some descriptive images to divulge what crime they have committed. Take again Ray Rice I might use his Draft day celebration or Super Bowl win celebration to show how he is. Then I would transition in a black and grey scale of him hitting his wife with fighting music in the back ground. Then pan to a cartoon with a bump on his head to fans cheering for him. For the overall music theme I was going to go with Bad Boys, yes the Cops theme song. Maybe throwing in some other voices from different videos, such as the Mortal Kombat “Finish Him”. Throughout the video I am going to continue to show how players are treated higher than any other person by using the image of the crowd chanting for that person. I chose football because it has become such a high increase in crime for football players. This mashup will be a definite challenge for me but I am willing to give it a try.


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