Love is Love.

For my video mashup assignment, I am choosing the topic of gay marriage. I realize this is a highly sensitive subject that undergoes a lot of different opinions and controversy. Ever since a child I have never understood the hate gay couples receive so often. It is as if they are treated like animals in our society. After hearing and seeing numerous negative comments made in regards to gay married, I realized attention needs to be brought to this subject.

Imagine falling in love. I am sure all of you have been in some sort of love before. Imagine being looked at and judged every time you gave affection or stepped outside of the house next to the person you love. Even more, imagine being told you cannot marry them because it is “not acceptable.” This is the life of a gay or lesbian couple. The bullying and discrimination that takes place is outrageous. They are picked on and judged for being themselves. In a country that thrives off of freedom, there seems to be so little of it for this subject.

For my mashup, I plan on comparing gay couples to straight couples. In doing this, I plan to portray the message that both are equally the same. Both couples consist of human beings. Yet, throughout my mashup you’ll see the discrimination as one couple is treated fairly and the other is treated cruelly. Besides going into the bullying and discrimination aspect, I plan on discussing marriage and legal rights for gay couples.



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