Feeling College Debt

The topic I have chosen to create in my mash-up is the struggle of college debt. As a college student with debt I understand the pressures and stress of owing money for my education and I will display these types of emotions in my video. I envision the video opening up to graduation caps flying into the air and then a quick change to money falling. This is creating the relationship that college equals a price tag. I want to find images of people on the computer, or recreating an image of “registering for classes,” and then quick show a shocked face for the price of the classes. I will find images of people showing stress and people being smothered. I also will add images of something being built. I want to add this type of image because that is what college debt does, it builds and builds and builds. I may want to show images of loan companies or banks.

Another aspect of college debt that I want to focus on is students doing it on their own. Not all parents pay for their child’s education; mine sure don’t. I can incorporate the feeling of loneliness or show images of parents taking something away from a child.

The song I am thinking about incorporating is “Pressure” by Paramore. It is a quick song to allow for changes in images/video, and also captures the feelings I want to portray.


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