Before You Get Offended…

I will be doing my mashup on the lopsided way that people view female on male domestic violence. My video will not denote the importance of recognizing domestic violence against women but will shed light on the male equivalent of this offence. In either case the offender is absolutely wrong, and I in no way wish to condone any acts of violence against women, men, or any other being effected by domestic violence.

That being said, male on female violence is widely accepted as wrong, and rightly so. But female on male violence is often viewed as ignorable, laughable, or even nonexistent. This view is not held by only females, but by our society as a whole. This view reflects a sexism within society not only against males, but against females as well. When a woman is abused, she is seen as someone who is weak and that needs to be protected. While when a man is abused, he is seen as sad, “girly”, or even worthy of the abuse. This view not only denotes societies view of the male, but demonstrates our belief that a woman is weak and a man should be strong. That threatens both male and females alike and creates a rift between the sexes.

Again, this video will not defend spousal or domestic abuse in any way, but will merely bring to light the fact that this abuse occurs against both sexes and is just as much of a problem either way.


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