The Millennials Mash Up

For my video mash up, I had a hard time deciding what topic to pick – and I am still unsure that this is the right one, but I am going to go with it. The millennial generation, the future of America and generations to come. But are they really the future? This is my mash up topic. Millennial generation adults tend to be seen as the “worst” generation yet and the generations after them have terrible role models to base themselves off of. Think about it – most of us are considered to be in the millennial generation or the TBD generation. This generation has been taken over by technology, college degrees with no jobs, unemployment, self obsession, and greed.

In my mash up video, I plan to use image searches to get most of my relating topics and ideas. Type millennial generation in to the Google search bar and you will be surprised the amount of information out there on them already, a lot of it is negative or mocking their way of life. Aside from that, technology, college, employment rates, social media and networking are related searches. All these are aspects of life today as a millennial. My song choice is yet to decided but will be from that generation!

Generally speaking, this is not as strong of a topic as animal abuse or gun violence but is it a topic in our society today in which many people look to as a problem. A problem that will continue to grow as generations continue to spread. This is the way of the world today and ask the older generations – they will tell you exactly how doomed they think the world will be in fifteen years, thanks to the millennial generation. The future is bright but are the people?

– Katie Finnegan


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