Mash-up Proposal: Not Everything is “Black and White”

The topic I plan to explore and make my video mashup of is interracial couples and the stigmas they still deal with today. While as a nation we have grown more accepting of couples of mixed backgrounds (not just a black and white couple, but also Asian and white, Indian and European, so on and so forth), it many places it still considered a taboo because of our nation’s past history, as can be seen in both movie adaptions and book portrayals. One famous example of this is in the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee which was also turned into a movie two years after its publication date in 1962.
In “exposing” the topic and how it has been viewed, I hope that I will see show the class how the act of unreasonable hatred is still a powerful influence. This will be demonstrated in clips from movies such as “Holes”, “West Side Story”, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and “Save the Last Dance” to name a few. These movies show both the good and bad that comes from interracial love (sometimes leading to fatality, which is true to history). In between will be clips of visual contradictories that seemingly don’t go “together” but work for the greater purpose of the piece. This will include montages of images as well as colors being mixed to represent the mix of races in a relationship.
Song choices can be obvious ones such as “Black and White” by Michael Jackson, however, I want something that focuses on the fact that interracial couples are different and that is why they are stigmatic. I will research into this more and hope the song might not even have a romantic aspect.


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