I am choosing the issue of eating disorders in girls for my Video Mash-up project. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are unfortunately very common in today’s society due to certain influences girls look up too. These girls look at high-fashion runway models, like Kendall Jenner for example and strive to look copy her image. Girls believe that image is “normal”, because society is praising Jenner for looking the way she does. Young females will go so far as to starve themselves, or make themselves vomit in order to succeed what they believe is a perfect body image.

I am an advocate for positive self-esteem, loving yourself for who you are, and taking care of the body you were given the correct way. However, it’s difficult for girls growing up today that are surrounded by things that tell them otherwise. For example, popular clothing store “Urban Outfitters” came out with a shirt that said in big white letters, “Eat Less”. Some girls could look at that as a solution and justify it because a popular clothing brand told them so. I also feel strongly about this topic because my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, supports ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) as one of our philanthropies. We dedicate a week on campus for Rowan students, males and females, to love themselves just the way they are and promote positive body image.

Featured image

For my mash-up, I want to begin by using clips of thin models walking down the runway, as well as different ads or any publicity that could potentially influence young girls. I will show different clips and of girls looking at themselves in the mirror, getting on a scale or measuring themselves. As disturbing as it’s going to be, I want to show what females look like when they are suffering from an eating disorder. I will then start to show what positive body image looks like through different clips of women of all shapes and sizes, and ways for women to properly take care of their body. I will also show women looking in the mirror and smiling. The conclusion of the mash-up is going to show happy women, who love themselves regardless of what outside influences surround them. These women should be the inspiration for young girls.


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