Mashup Proposal

My video mashup choice is performance animals attacking trainers. After watching the documentary “Blackfish” and going to many different animal parks in the past, I have become very interested in this topic and I feel strongly about it.

I don’t think that most people are aware of the cruelty that comes with making these wild animals perform in shows in front of many people time and time again. Often times these animals are abused, and that is when they rebel.

I am a firm believer that these animals should remain in the wild and not be held in captivity. Time and time again we hear stories about trainers who have been attacked, but most companies never close, and they keep on with the animal cruelty in order to make money.

In my mashup, I will include images of different animals putting on shows (like at the zoo, circus, or SeaWorld), and then I will show the animals being abused, and the trainers attacked.

There is nothing pretty about animals being abused and trainers being attacked, so I know the song that I pick will have to be intense to go along with the topic and video clips.  I will probably pick a song that doesn’t have words so that you can really focus on my videos.

I will contrast between the fun the audience is having, then flash to the animals being hurt and abused, and then the trainers being attacked.  This is a harsh and sad topic, but it is real, and it happens.  It needs to be addressed, and I hope by creating this video that a lot of people won’t go to these parks anymore and support them!


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