Drugs and the “help” you need


I would like to do a piece on addiction. The drug industry (both sanctioned and illegal) is a multi billion dollar business and for all the good done it has a drastically different side. I want to use clips of interviews with addicts along with some day to day lifestyles and coordinate it with the popular outlooks. I will cross that into the help side of things which will include commercials for places like Recovery Palms and The Seabrook House which aid in the elimination of drug addiction. One side of this coin is that these places are a safe haven to the addicted and provide the help to get back on their feet. The opposing view is that these places are cash cows for the afflicted who are treated to relapse for a return customer basis. I want to use clips of popular shows like “Intervention” as well to highlight the two sides again (we are providing the treatment to the willing v.s. we are exploiting these addicts for the good of the ratings with a small consolation prize). This conversation piece will be excellent in that it can not only be seen both ways but that its so passionate of a subject. The exploration of the sides will shed light on the addicts drug problem as well as the avenues to health provided by the counseling centers (i.e. vultures looking for easy money)- depends on how you look at it.

-Mike Sullivan


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