Consumer Domination

For my video mash-up I have decided to focus on consumerism in today’s society. Consumerism refers to “the actions of people who spend a lot of money on goods and services.” Consumerism is good for the economy and there’s no denying that. We tend to turn the other way when it comes to the cost of something these days. We spend thousands of dollars on technology just to “keep up with the Jones’s.” Many only shop for expensive and name brand items just to keep up with their high maintenance lifestyles.
However, we tend to ignore the real issues with consumerism. What about those struggling everyday just to get by? For example, many buy new iPhones just because, but there are people on the streets homeless and others who cannot afford to feed their families every night. There are those in other countries suffering from malnutrition and disease because their countries cannot afford the proper healthcare. While we follow the trends and fads, we leave them with no room for change.
I think more light needs to be shed on consumerism and the changes that can be made. I think that society has become a world “all about me” and less about helping those in need. I believe that those more fortunate need to help bring everyone up to an equal playing level and rid the country or world of homelessness, malnutrition, and disease. If we can all contribute to those less fortunate, we can help change the sad state that the world is in.
For my mash-up, I plan to start with clips of people shopping in malls and clips of name brand merchandise. I may possibly add in some clips from Hollywood movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic, Marie Antoinette, and The Devil Wears Prada. Then, I want to show clips of homeless people, those suffering from hunger, and those clearly less fortunate. I am thinking of using Captain and Tenille’s song, Shop Around, to create a sense of contrast and irony. While it is a rather upbeat song, it will clearly be introducing a rather controversial topic. I can definitely see where this will go and have an end vision of what I want.


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