What Are We Eating?

I have decided that for my video mashup I would like to focus on animal cruelty, in regards to the foods we eat. Majority of Americans are not aware of what is behind the scenes of the meats they buy in the grocery store, or what they’re purchasing at restaurants and fast food places, I would like for my video mashup to send a strong message that we have a responsibility to be more aware, and consider other options.

Some visuals that I have in mind include farm animals, family pets, and McDonald’s ads. Majority of the images I will use will most likely be graphic, and that will be necessary to convey my point. As far as degrees of separation, I have considered visuals such as murderers, riots, bullying, and obesity, and steroids or shots that would equal the hormones put into the food we eat. Another clip I would like to find would include crowded places similar to what the animals experience. I would also like to include PETA commercials, or clips that include Sarah Mclachlan, since most people associate her with animal suffering. As my mashup evolves I am sure my ideas will expand and change.

For my narrative I would like to start off with more pleasant images mashed together in quick-cuts. I would then like to include a dark or blurred clip, which leads to the more graphic videos. I would like to use repeated images that flash at the viewers to give a more dramatic tone. I would like for my video to flow like a story, but at the moment I am unsure how I will go about it. As far as my background music I am stuck between a somber tone and a loud aggressive song. Once, I do more research on what is available to me on this topic, I feel as though I will be able to gauge what my storyline will consist of and how it will flow.

I believe my generation, despite how stuck on their phones they might be, our trying to be more aware of issues such as this. I think that now more than ever individuals are looking up what really goes into the foods they eat. This is not to say that everyone does, but at least more now than before. The graphic images I will need to find will be risks; I want to cross the line, and push people’s comfort level.



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