Video Mashup Proposal on Pregnancy


My video mashup choice is Pregnancy/Labor. I chose this topic because media makes pregnancy and labor seem like it is this easy ride when it is actually this uncontrollable, hard ride. The first idea of the media that I will use is the movie “What to Expect When Expecting.” This movie has some great clips of the ups and downs of pregnancy. I am also thinking of using the commercials for Palmer’s stretch marks commercial, which shows how pregnancy is glorious with their perfect bellies that do not actually have stretch marks. I will also use videos of couples announcing their pregnancy to start off the video.

Images I will use that go along with my video, I was thinking of flowers blooming because that tends to get associated with pregnancy. Clips of people in pain or crying because pregnancy and labor brings on lots of tears and pain. I was also thinking of showing clips of newborns. I want to incorporate a clip of a cartoon working hard to give that message that pregnancy is hard. For my clip that is before the 90’s, I will be using clips from I Love Lucy when she was pregnant on the show.

I want to incorporate some pictures too. Through my pictures, I want to show the different symptoms of pregnancy that get pushed under the rug. One of the symptoms is depression. Showing clips of women looking depressed or alone can help show this. Another aspect I want to show is how women have no control over what goes on during pregnancy. So I want to show a clip of Animal from the Muppets who is typically shown to not have control over himself. The song I was thinking about using for my mashup is “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy. I do not want an upbeat song but I do not want something fast pace or depressing so I think this is a good medium in between it all.

For my narrative, I am thinking of showing the media based aspects first. Showing the clip of the one mom from “What to Expect When Expecting” when she talks about how beautiful pregnancy is to her. I will then show the clips of women finding out they are pregnant/ pregnancy announcements. Then I will show Lucille Ball pregnant in her show. Next will be the clips of the commercials showing the women with the perfect pregnant bodies. That is when I will show the rest of the “What to Expect When Expecting” clip where she breaks down and tells the truth about pregnancy. Then the clips/pictures of the symptoms will show. I haven’t figured out much after that but it is a working progress!


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