One Big Happy Family?

Full House is an American sitcom created by Jeff Franklin. The series originally aired on ABC Family, on September 22, 1987. The show had taken place in San Francisco California, and lasted until May 23, 1995, broadcasting 8 seasons and 192 episodes.

Everyone loves and adores the heart-warming characters in Full House. Even today I still enjoy watching re-runs of sweet Michelle Tanner and Hilarious Joey Gladstone. The story of the Tanner family begins with the loss of the mother figure in the house, Danny Tanner’s wife, Pam. When Pam was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, her brother Jesse, and Danny’s best friend Joey, moved into the San Francisco home to help Danny raise his three daughters. Donna-Jo, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner quickly became America’s sweethearts as Full House became a very highly rated television show.

During the introduction of remixes in Writing, Research, and Technology, Ashley DeBella-McNem (@AshleyDeBella) had composed a tweet on September 23, 2014 regarding the wonderful television series. The tweet included a YouTube video involving Full House.  However, the video was not involving the normal Tanner family we all know and love. This video was a remix of Full House Created by HSG Productions.

Above shows the tweet posted by Ashley DeBella-McNem (@AshleyDeBella) on September 23, 2014.

After watching this remix, my views on Full House have been mutilated. This remix has twisted the family style televison show, in a creepy way. Danny, particularly, is portrayed as a strange and scary character. One scene that had really stood out to me was when Danny had said “Ooo, I just want to dip your legs in garlic butter!” This quote was said at one minute and ten seconds into the YouTube video. This clip of Danny to follow was disturbing as well:


 The quote, “Ooo, I just want to dip your legs in garlic butter!” Was obviously not taken literally in the original episode this clip had played in. In the original video, Danny Tanner was simply using sarcasm. As mentioned in my previous blog post, Sassy Sarcasm, I had stated that “Sarcasm can change the meaning of what is being said by a person.” Which explains how Danny was merely joking about the quote in the original episode. Also, in Sassy Sarcasm, I had mentioned that in Sean Hall’s, This Means This This Means That,  Hall had said, “There are different degrees or literalness.” The degree of literalness that was used in Danny’s quote above in the remix video was significantly great. Danny had literally meant that he wanted to dip somebody’s legs in garlic butter.

After revisiting Ashley’s tweet, it became apparent that she was also a bit frightened by the remix. Ashley had said:

“This may change the way you look at Full House…oh gosh.”

I agree with Ashley entirely. Although the remix has changed the way I look at Full House, it was a clever remix to create, and it was put together nicely. The soundtrack in the remix had added extra emphasis on the horror happening throughout the video. The fact that Full House is such a “happy-go-lucky” show makes it a good choice to remix into a horror video. In the future, when I make my own video remix, I will consider choosing a show or a movie that is as cheerful as Full House. This way, it will be very creative, and contain lots of juxtaposition, as well as other things that were considered in the theoretical analysis of a remix.

In conclusion, the YouTube video that Ashley DeBella-McNem (@AshleyDeBella) had tweeted involving Full House has definitely changed the way I look at the show Full House as well as the main character Danny Tanner, or Bob Saget. Although the remix was very good, it was scary to me since I have always adored the show. I feel that many Full House lovers may become upset by the remix, rather than embrace the artistic aspect of it. All in all I give major credit to the creator of the video,  HSG Productions. There are many other creative remixes located on their YouTube page which may be interesting to people of Writing, Research, and Technology class.


9 thoughts on “One Big Happy Family?

  1. I love how you also interpreted this remix. The first time I watched it I was horrified at how Danny Tanner was changed into a villain. I also found it almost cringe worthy when Danny mentioned the “dipping your legs in garlic butter.” It was taken out of context and made him seem overly sexualized. Which if anyone has ever watched an episode of Full House you know that he is nothing of the sort.
    I agree with what you said about Sean Hall’s, This Means This This Means That. Everything has a different perception of what is literal and the intensity of it. I feel in the orginal clip he was just begin his same old oddball self, where as in the remix we take it very literal based off of what we are currently view in the clip.
    Great job!


  2. Great job at analyzing this remix! I love “Full House” and this remix totally crept me out, so I guess it did the job! The remix made Danny look like a totally disturbed character. I liked that you focused on one line that also caught my attention when I watched the video. “Ooo,I just want to dip your legs in garlic butter”, was remixed into something figurative into something literal which made it sound sexual. I think that it is crazy and scary that someone can twist someone’s words around like this and make it sound like something totally different, in this case sexually.


  3. I completely agree with your post and your thoughts on the “Full House” remix. I am totally shocked about how HSG Productions turned Danny Tanner into a creep. As a huge Full House fan, we all know that Danny Tanner is a loving father. Anyone who watches Full House knows that it’s a comical show about a family who adores one another. It’s amazing how this remix turned into a completely different show. As I’m sitting here thinking about it, you can literally take anything and turn it into something that it’s not. That’s scary to me.


  4. I love this (even though it corrupted my thoughts of Full House lol). Most people seen and love the show Full House. It was my favorite show growing up and I loved how positive and happy they were. I liked how you linked it to the book and used the quote”There are different degrees of literalness.” I think that applies really well here and it was really cool and kinda weird seeing Full House mashed up but awesome blog post!


  5. This was great, and the remixed video was even better. Full House is definitely a beloved TV series that most of us grew up watching. As we’ve seen in our own literary analysis, a remix can change an original a lot, and this is just another great example.


  6. That was really creepy actually but honestly that show was always a little odd when I would watch it. The characters are so dramatically turned up that it almost felt unreal (not like it was real in the first place). The remix videos Ive seen really can take these innocent videos in whole other directions its really cool. The Mrs Doubtfire one was one of my favorites so far.


  7. I too have had some slightly traumatizing experiences in these remix videos! For my remix, I did Mary Poppins. My favorite childhood character turned evil. This definitely changed my outlook on her forever. So sad! In this example of Full House, the same idea takes place. I use to love this sitcom as a child and seeing the remix kind of creeped me out. It’s funny that one remix video can change your entire outlook.


  8. Full House was my absolute favorite show growing up. In the beginning, I thought to myself, “This won’t be scary because I know how the show really is”. However, this remix actually gave me goose bumps. Whoever created this remix did an amazing job of juxtaposing images, adding in the intertextuality of seeing the original show, and creating a montage. The montage consists of dark scenes in which members of the family were crying, and traveling in the dark in the house. The soundtrack was what heightened the fear the most. The music was so scary and dreary. It led one to think that something was coming, and it was very close. Interesting post. I probably will never be able to look at Full house again the same way.


  9. You did an amazing on analyzing this remix! I think it is crazy how much a person can do with remixing something. They turned loving and caring Danny Tanner into a creepy villian. If I did not watch this show growing up, I would be so freaked out. The music pays a big role in frightening this remix is.


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