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In Sean Hall’s, This Means This This Means That, chapter two begins by explaining in depth the meaning behind sarcasm. Sarcasm can change the meaning of what is being said by a person. Sarcasm can also be indicate by the tone of one’s voice. After creating my theoretical analysis of a remix Prezi for Writing Research and Technology class, I have noticed and incident of sarcasm put into play.

Screenshot 2014-09-25 07.42.40

The image above is a screenshot taken from the Home Alone Remixed Trailer. This trailer, along with the original Home Alone Trailer, were used in my theoretical analysis of a remix Prezi. During this specific scene, the main character Kevin says “I never want to see you again for the rest of my whole life!” In the remixed trailer, Kevin is being serious based on the content of the trailer. However, in the original trailer, Kevin is being sarcastic.

Sarcasm can not only be found in film and video remixes as shown above, but it is also verbally used amongst people frequently. Sometimes, sarcasm can not always be as obvious to a person. This is because they may not be as literal as one may expect a sarcastic statement to be. Hall said, “There are different degrees or literalness”, which is why sarcasm may not always stand out to everyone.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 17.09.59

After engaging more into sarcasm, I used the social media site, as used in class, Twitter, to better help my readers understand an example of sarcasm. I had found a Twitter account labeled as “Sarcasm”. The screenshot above of @ComedyPosts shows their tweet which is a form of sarcasm. Obviously, the person does not want to die in a haunted house. The sarcastic meaning behind this tweet would be that the haunted house was extremely expensive, therefore, the person should be really terrified (not dead).

As mentioned prior, sarcasm is a great way to turn original movie trailers into remixed trailers. The tone of the sarcasm can be noticed and determined as sarcasm almost instantly (for some). However, the tweet shown above is sarcasm written in text format. Some people may read @ComedyPosts tweet “if i pay $30 for a haunted house I better die”, and think that he literally wanted to die within an expensive haunted house. This is the tricky aspect of sarcasm that Sean Hall had warned us about. Hall said, “literal meanings are important when we need to communicate” and this explains why.

For some, sarcasm is a ‘way of life’ and not just a figure of speech. However, sarcasm can be taken poorly in many situations. There have been instances where sarcasm has troubled relationships between people. For me, I find the humor in sarcasm like the majority of people. For example, the 31 most sarcastic thing that ever happened has brought much laughter in my day as I decided to look more into sarcasm. My favorite sarcastic photo from the list would be this one:

Screenshot 2014-10-07 17.29.46

In the photo above, the anonymous commenter had said “wow. u like harry potter. i bet u dont even have friends.. i am so srry for u”. The witty and sarcastic responder commented back with a photo of the television show Friends complete series on VHS saying “Umm, actually I do..”. This is sarcasm because the responding commenter is not responding by listing or proving he has actual friendships, but the fact that he owns the television show Friends. Being that Friends is my favorite television show, I found this form of sarcasm to be absolutely hilarious and cheesy at the same time!

In conclusion, whether you are a fan of sarcasm or not, it can be heard almost on a daily basis. People use sarcasm sometimes without even realizing it. Some people use sarcasm so often that it can become just a natural way of communicating for them. Sarcasm can be heard in films, remixes, and other forms of narratives. Although sarcasm may not always be noticeable, especially via texts, the literal meaning is still there and the sarcasm is still there. It is all determined based on the person hearing or reading the sarcasm.


10 thoughts on “Sassy Sarcasm

  1. This is funny because I recently heard someone say, “If I pay 900$ for the iPhone 8, Siri better be letting me take her out on a date.” I see sarcasm everyday in all different varieties and situations. Sarcasm seems to have different levels also. I personally tend to have a sarcastic humor. It is as if it cannot be controlled sometimes. As long as someone isn’t being rude, I don’t see the harm! I enjoy being in the presence of sarcastic people. I think being able to have sarcasm and also accept it (to an extent) is a good quality. I have also noticed a lot of sarcasm on commercials lately. I think the reason for this is to lighten the mood and enhance the message behind the product being advertised. Not everything is so serious and literal today. This to me is a good thing.


    • I really liked your post Jill! While reading your post I thought of many instances where sarcasm was used in my daily life and in movies. Sarcasm is one of those tricky things where you have to be careful where and when you use it. For someone who doesn’t understand sarcasm they may find a sarcastic remark offensive and if sarcasm is used in a professional setting it can reflect on you poorly. I think there is a right time and a right place for sarcasm but it should not be used in certain situations.


  2. This post literally made me LOL, because I am someone who understands sarcasm, and enjoys it. Like you had mentioned, sarcasm can be interpreted differently for various people. While I make sarcastic comments, my dad would take such comments to be literal. Especially with today’s technology it has become harder to interpret someone’s tone via text message in comparison to in person.


  3. By now I think everyone should be able to pick up on sarcasm because it is used so often by people, but for some reason it is not. For example, a girl in class the other day asked if I had a stapler. I responded, obviously in a sarcastic tone, “yeah, I have it in my back pocket.” She replied with “great, can I use it?” I then had to tell her no I really don’t have a stapler and why would you think that it would fit in my pocket? Even though sarcasm is used every day, we still have to be mindful of how we use it because if misinterpreted it means something completely different.


  4. I think the originality is not dead as much as stalled. We can track the evolution of comedy as a written/ video form. We can see a slapstick generation rise from the Three Stooges era, from there we have a character based slapstick like that of Naked Gun with Leslie Neilson. We started get more sarcastic in the late eighties in efforts to be edgy. Things like beverly hill cop with off the hip rude humor became the thing. Fast forward we have the heavy sarcasm of todays comedy with movies like the hangover. My point in this is saying this will be cyclical- much like clothing fads- we will revert to the roots of comedy in time allowing all new originality to a used up medium.


  5. This post made me chuckle quite a few times. I like the images you embedded, especially the one from the twitter account “Sarcasm.” Although sometimes I like sarcastic people because it’s funny, especially if someone else makes or says a dumb comment, sometimes people take it too far and it comes off as very rude. I think there is a line that sometimes get crossed, and then at that point it isn’t even funny.
    Like you said, sarcasm is used in everything. Film, remixes, etc, it will be around forever.


  6. I consider myself a sarcastic person, so this blog post was not only funny but relatable too. I definitely got a laugh out of some of your sarcastic examples. I think sarcasm helps people everywhere psych out their audience and make them question the subject at hand. Along with offering a laugh, of course. It has become our means of comedy. I think sometimes sarcasm can be taken too far or someone can take it too literally in which case sarcasm is not being used properly. If there is to be another meaning, it needs to be apparent to be utilized.


  7. Great use of examples to explain and further ideas about sarcasm. I can relate to many sarcastic moments and at times I can be sarcastic. I think sarcasm gets tricky once it is used in conversation through text though. Now, we text people more than we speak to them on the phone but we use the same tone and language as we would if we were speaking to them. I hate when people are sarcastic through text…I can never tell if they are serious or being sarcastic.. then that leads me to ask how they mean what they say! UHHH 21st century problems lol.


  8. I have never been one to completely understand sarcasm. Whenever someone is being sarcastic, I tend to think that they’re being serious. It really does change the meaning of what’s being said, and I think that’s why I get so confused. The tweet you included in your post highlights how social media has an impact on this, and I’m constantly seeing tweets and posts that are similar to this one. It is a part of daily life, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Sometimes sarcasm isn’t funny, and it can always be misinterpreted (by people like me), so sometimes I wish that it didn’t exist.


  9. This post is hilarious! Sarcasm is my second language and I loved your examples you provided within the blog. Sarcasm can rub some the wrong way espeically when they don’t know you because they have to keep asking ” wait are you serious?” lol


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