The First Plastics

I chose to analyze the mash-up created by Zachyack which combines the Disney movie Hocus Pocus and the Paramount Pictures hit Mean Girls. The mash-up uses the Mean Girls trailer audio and mixes it with various clips from Hocus Pocus. While taking you through the well-known story of Cady Herring and the Plastics, you experience Salem, Massachusetts and their own mean girls, the Sanderson Sisters. Ironically, Zachyack contrasts “witches” with actual spell-binding witches. However, the high school life of Mean Girls  is compared to Allison’s Halloween night hunt to save an immortal cat and put an end to the witches’ reign of terror once and for all. The struggles of girl world and high school…or hanging out with ghosts and witches? How they compare is beyond me, but mashed together works for Zachyack and my inner Disney addiction.

Intertextuality shared through the use of historical meaning and today's struggle with bullying.

Intertextuality shared through the use of historical meaning and today’s struggle with bullying.


One thought on “The First Plastics

  1. This is probably one of my favorite mash up remixes because what girl doesn’t love hocus pocus and mean girls. I can see where the two relate because girls in high school tend to be seen as “witches” to girls not associated with them and the hocus pocus girls don’t allow anyone to interfere with their “click” of witchy sisters.My favorite part is the juxtaposition slide and the still image you chose for this. The three witches walking in as if they rule the world like the plastics, perfect selection of timing from the video!


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