Social Media- Who Loves it More?

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Neil Patel answers a question that I have wondered for a long time- “who is more active on social media? Men or women?” I have never spent the time searching to find out the answer, but this article provided me with a lot of useful facts and information, pretty much confirming my beliefs.

As we are aware, there are tons of apps that classify as social media. What Patel did was identify some of the most popular social media apps, and then provided the individual results.

Here are some of the stats:


In the end, there was no percentage that shocked me. I see what other students, friends, and co-workers my age are doing when they are playing on their smartphones, so the results added up.

From Patel’s research, I came to the conclusion that everyone, both male and female, loves social media. We are living in a modern world, so it only makes sense.


5 thoughts on “Social Media- Who Loves it More?

  1. Social media is now the norm in our world today and most people love to hate it and hate to love it. I hate social media on occasions, when people are being annoying or the same stores appear on every social networking site. But on the other hand, I enjoy social media for keeping in contact with friends, finding out news, and creeping on other peoples lives. (I will admit it because we all do it) I think the statistics are so closely related because our generation especially would not know what to do without social media. Kids younger than us are already ahead of some of the older generations still trying to figure out what a tweet is. Parents are teaching their children, schools are incorporating it, its everywhere. When it comes to girls versus guys, I think the percentages differ depending on the social media site itself, after all – guys and girls do not share all the same interests.


  2. It was not surprising at all that women tend to be the main users of social media over all. Studies have shown that us women as a whole tend to be more talkative and social in general anyway, so it only makes sense that we would use social media more. It’s just another way to communicate with others. Like the post above me had mentioned, majority of people use some form of social media. That is just what our society has become.


  3. Yea, theres really nothing too shocking in the findings. and seeing that most of the facts are within the 50/50 range with differentiation between female geared and male geared items. Females have been very social site savvy by promoting their “brands” via modeling and other avenues. So I can understand the usage demos skewing female slightly.


  4. I agree with you! Men and women both love their social media. Especially high school and college age people. We are constantly on our phones scrolling through some type of social media page. I do agree with the statistics. My boyfriend loves Youtube, he is on it a lot more than I am. But he also does not have an Instagram or a pintrest, both of which i have. In the end it does end up balancing out.


  5. Women loving social media and being the the main users on social media is not really surprising to me. Women are so talkative and they love an audience so going to twitter or Facebook to rant is perfect to them! We all use social media but I think when it comes to expressing how we feel, women definitely get the crown.


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