Passing Judgement

The article I was intrigued in was about in England judges can now officially rule on parody if it is funny enough. If the judge approves that it is funny than the person who created the video can not be sued for copying.  Under the old laws in UK, anyone who uses, mimics and even remixes anything can be sued. The new law will permit the fair use of material as long as it does not compete with the original. This means very similar song covers produced without permission will not be allowed, but comedic versions like this are permitted.
Is it funny? #wrtuesdays #wrtf14

— Tina Gatta (@tina_gatta) September 30, 2014

With this new law in place, it doesn’t mean that people have a free run at anything they want. They still have to follow the rules or they will be sued. They can still do the remixes and use other people’s work but in a respectful manner. That means they cannot use other people’s work in a demeaning way.

I find it very interesting that a person’s money and lively hood is in the hands of one simple Judge. You can not declare something funny or not funny. How does that saying go, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” well that applies to comedy as well. Maybe the judge that is ruling over the video is a hard ass or maybe thinks everything is funny.

The new law is also particularly good news for Youtube TV mash up sensation Cassette Boy, who’s hilarious mash up of The Apprentice has been viewed over 5 million times.

I feel as long as there is comedy in the world that their will always be people who will critic it. People feel the need to “Judge” other people’s work. They feel they need to brutalize a person’s reputation just because they took a 2 second clip of someone else’s video. I understand the purpose behind them suing someone, but there has to be a limit in which that person can go to.


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